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Looking for a quality painting contractors in Winston-Salem? Go with the PRO’s! EmeraldPRO Painting in Winston-Salem uses only the best paints and techniques, and we pay careful attention to every detail. You can be assured that we will properly prepare and repair each surface to ensure a uniform and quality finish. Your property and non-painted surfaces will be fully protected. And our painters will maintain a clean work area.


  • Painting done right, the first time
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • On-time
  • 2 year warranty
  • Free in-home estimate
  • We are committed to your 100% satisfaction

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Looking for reliable house painters that are professional, worth your budget, and finish every job on time with the best results? Than EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem is the right option for you! Why? Because no other contractor is as well equipped to handle all your house painting needs, whether exterior or interior.

Our specialization lies in homes and commercial buildings, no matter the size. You can rest assured that the expert crew at EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem will put in all the effort needed to beautify your living space with the outstanding quality it deserves. This is made easy with the help of tools and expertise that cannot be rivaled.

One thing that appeals the most to our customers is that EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem is owned and operated locally by Jared Cluff. This means that the house painting services we deliver are 100% reliable and provide excellent results. This is due to the experience and expertise each crew member of EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem has, which guarantees work of the highest standard and quality by the contractors we use.


Sometimes it’s hard to know what color will look best in a given room in your home or office. This is where our color experts can help. We offer color consultations to help you choose the best color for your home or commercial property. We can help you come up with a winning color combination and still stay within your budget.

The best part? You don’t have to compromise price for quality with EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem! So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today for your free painting estimate by dialing (336) 893-0755.


Our number one priority while working on any house painting job for you is to protect and raise the aesthetic value of your home or business as much as possible. This is done using only the best quality products, tools and expert workmanship. We use our extensive product knowledge and partnership with the best suppliers to get the greatest results on any job.

It’s safe to say that yes, we are more than just painters. Why? Because EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem also specializes in:

  • Woodwork Finishing
  • Enameling
  • Ceiling Texturing
  • Stucco
  • Drywall Repair
  • Deck and Fence Staining
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Floor Coatings


Whatever the job, whatever the issue, our painting contractors are always ready and willing to serve your best interests. We believe in professionalism and our contractors will put your mind at ease. We understand how overwhelming it is choosing a painting contractor.

You will make a good decision by choosing EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem. We have the experience of more than a decade. Our motto is to provide only the best quality workmanship to customers at competitive prices. We pay attention to even the smallest details, which is why our customers refer us to their friends and family too.

Let us help you find out how easy it can be!

Having over a decade of experience, our locally owned company is a great choice for your painting needs

  • All the work that we perform is 100% guaranteed.
  • We are completely insured.
  • We don’t believe in verbal promises, which means everything about the job will be in writing.

Don’t wait! Call our team, to learn just how Winston-Salem house painters can add new color to your life!


WINSTON-SALEM’S #1 HOUSE PAINTERSWe understand that a house doesn’t become a home just by signing the final papers. In order for it to reflect your personality, the house must be personalized as well. This is why the best painting company for you to choose is EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem for your residential painting needs.


While a new paint job is important when it comes to making a home look gorgeous, it isn’t the only reason why you should have your walls and home painted. One serious problem that your home exterior faces is that of rotting wood, which can be fixed with a new coat of paint. How? Because it will act as a sealant, and thus provide protection from environmental elements such as hail, rain, dust, sleet and snow. You can even choose to have the exterior of your home painted with Latex paints, which will provide protection for years to come.

The experts at EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem will take extra care when it comes to handling the troublesome parts of the exterior. This means that if there is some extra work to be done, such as adding more paint or caulk to a cracked wall to properly have it sealed and covered, we will do so without any hassle.

Interior House Painters: Our professional and expert staff is fully equipped to handle the interior painting job in your home. You just give us the task and we’ll do the rest!

You can rest assured that the materials and paint we use is of the highest quality. Moreover, we will also take the time necessary when it comes to preparation of the set-up so that your valuables are not damaged in the process.

Our Services Include:

  • Ceilings of Any Height
  • Walls of Any Height
  • Doors and Windows
  • Paneling and Wainscoting
  • Bookshelves and Mantels

Exterior House Painters: The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior, if not more. If you want visitors to your home to get a good first impression, invest in the best house painting contractors.

The commercial services we offer to Winston-Salem are:

  • Doors and Windows
  • Wood, Composite and Vinyl Siding
  • Decks, Railings, and Patio Covers
  • Fascia and Eaves
  • Garage and Entry Doors
  • Wrought Iron Fences and Railings
  • Architectural Woodwork

So, what are you waiting for? Choose us to help beautify and protect the exterior of your home for longer! There are so many things that you can have done with EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem’s services. Whether the job is as simple as a paint or stain, or as elaborate as enhancing the entire exterior of your home. In short, whatever your needs and requirements are, we will be sure to deliver.


You may not have heard of any business that helps you save money on the usage of its services. With EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem, you will get this and more!

Our promise to you is to provide the best service, right from the start to the finish because we, at Emerald Pro Painting of Winston-Salem, don’t do things halfway.

Our EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem estimator will work on coming up with an estimate price quote once you have decided what exactly you wish for. Don’t worry, the price quoted will fit with your expectations and budget perfectly!

To learn the costs of your house painting job, all you need to do is call (336) 893-0755 today. We will provide you with a free, onsite, estimate without any obligation or pressure whatsoever.



We at Emerald Pro Painting of Winston-Salem provide the best commercial painting services, guaranteed. Our professional painters are ready to paint any commercial building. This includes apartments, office complexes, condominiums, restaurants and other commercial properties.

If you are a property manager looking to hire painting contractors for your commercial buildings look not further. EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem offers special rates on extended contracts to repair, repaint, and refinish the property whenever a tenant or client moves out.

Hiring EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem is a good decision for your commercial property. Our painting contractors will do everything possible to bring a fresh color to your building taking care of quality and giving the very best results.

We know the importance of the appearance of your commercial building and how it impacts your business ambitions. Our expert painting contractors pay the utmost attention to every crack and crevice when working on your commercial property.

We understand how important the aesthetic value of your commercial property is. This why the services we offer are aimed at enhancing and improving your commercial property, so all employees and tenants have a beautiful environment to work in every day. EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem offers its services for every type of commercial building. This includes event centers and educational facilities, also medical offices and apartment complexes.

No project is too big or too small, which means that we give the same attention to detail on all the projects we are working on.

Interior Commercial Painters: Productivity of your employees may suffer due to working in a depressing environment. Old buildings with a paint job spanning as far back as the 1970s or ‘80s does not promote productivity. This is why letting EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem work on your office will not only improve the interior’s appearance, but will also re-energize your entire staff.

Our painting contractors are experts in color matching, especially when it comes to commercial properties. You and your staff won’t even notice the presence of our highly trained and professional painting contractors working in your building. We will finish the job while respecting your business hours and maintaining a level of professionalism at all times.

Exterior Commercial Painters: When it comes to the success of your business, curb appeal is important. The exterior details and general appearance should be taken care of even if customers don’t often visit your office. Moreover, you may lose potential customers if their first impression is of an office building that has an old, ugly and peeling paint job on the outside. This is where EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Same comes in the picture with our excellent crews. We offer the highest quality exterior commercial painting service available.


The one reason why our customers prefer EmeraldPro Painters of Winston-Salem is because our painters are not only professional, they are experts. They will look presentable while working on the commercial painting project and will be respectful of your business hours.

In addition to this, we know that not all commercial projects are the same. Keeping this in mind, we will plan the entire project according to your specific needs and personal preferences from start to finish. For the sake of your convenience, we offer flexibility that cannot be found with any other painting contractor. Whether you wish for us to work during the day, the evening, overnight or even on weekends, we will be available and at your service.


So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the free, onsite estimate today! We will produce an accurate and easy to read quote with help of our special customer-influenced software. We will help you to understand exactly what your money is going to purchase.

Don’t wait! Contact us today at (336) 893-0755 and schedule a meeting with EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem!

About Us

Our mission is to provide professional and expert painting services to customers who wish to protect and enhance their home or business with a fresh coat of paint and color. Not only that, but we also offer other services besides painting that use only the best techniques and materials to get the job done.By the time we finish, your commercial or residential structure will look brand new. We pay attention to every detail. You can rest assured that our expert professionals will provide your property with their best efforts and attention.
We, at EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem, know the importance of providing only the best in quality and customer service. We use advanced technology to provide you with prompt and efficient customer services.Our professional painting contractors don’t just paint your home or commercial property, when taking on a project. We, at EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem, work to enhance the quality and aesthetic appeal of your home or commercial property’s appearance and structure.
You won’t find any other painter in Winston-Salem that has the backing, expertise and quality that we can provide. With EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem, you will find all this and much more!We know and understand the uniqueness of Winston-Salem and also know what it is that you need from us. Our promise is to provide 100% quality, paired with the best customer service that makes us your preferred neighborhood painting contractor.


As a home or commercial property owner, you need a painter who is not only professional but also dependable. This is why EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem is the right choice for you, as we will fulfill whatever it is that you need for the job to be done right.

We provide the best quality in the services offered and the work we do, along with the usage of the superior materials, products and techniques. Our promise and guarantee is to complete any painting project in the most unobtrusive way possible, while respecting your home or office space.


The hallmarks of EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem are none other than cleanliness, timeliness and providing services under any budget. If you want an estimate on the cost of painting your house, all you have to do is give us a call. We will help you schedule a free, no-obligation painting estimate. What’s more, by booking the job off the painting estimate, EmeraldPro Painting of Winston-Salem will knock 10% off the job that our house painters do for you!

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While the city of Winston-Salem, NC was created in 1913 when the two respective neighboring towns, Winston and Salem, merged. Its interesting history dates back to 1753 wherein the community’s first settlers, Moravians, came to Wachovia Tract, Now known as Forsyth County. Salem, meaning peace, was established in 1766 and went on to become the place for entrepreneurs, exploring different businesses from art, medicine, healthcare research, and technology.

Winston-Salem, NC is not just a city, but also the county seat of Forsyth County and the second largest municipality within the region of Piedmont Triad, located conveniently between the Atlantic Ocean, Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains. Major cities surrounding it are Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Wilmington.


It is also in a formal partnership with five Sister Cities, including Buchanan, Liberia; Kumasi, Ghana; Nassau, Bahamas; Shanghai – Yang Pu District, China; and Ungheni, Moldova to provide a complete combination of artistic creativity, southern hospitality, and economic vitality. The partnerships bring together all three community sectors: business, local government and private sectors, with activities coordinated by a board of 21 members.


Where the dual heritage lends it the name of “Twin City”, its historic involvement with the tobacco industry in particular was the reference behind “Camel City” and dedication to the theater, fine arts, and technological research made it known as the “City of the Arts and Innovation.”


The area is brimming with recreational opportunities, given that the activities and facilities are for all people irrespective of age. Whether it’s the historical sites that spark interest or parks and golf courses, whether you seek family-friendly attractions or restaurants and nightclubs to explore with a significant other, everyone would find a way to get involved and enjoy life here.

Then there are the popular restaurants to treat you to locally-grown food in the Arts District or the Downtown Winston-Salem’s Historic West End shopping malls like Hanes Mall featured near the Stratford Road and Hanes Mall Boulevard, and the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem to engage and entertain children.

The sporting events in the region are another major attraction. The city is home to the Winston-Salem Dash, a Class A Minor League baseball team that’s affiliated with the Chicago White Sox. Also, the Wake Forest University, a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference or ACC, the ATP tennis tournament, and the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series are fine entertainment opportunities.


A walk down the winding lanes, discovering the city on your own, makes one appreciate all that the city has to offer and all that the government has done to salvage it. An eight-member City Council governs Winston-Salem, NC, elected by citizens from the eight regions of the city. This Council has the power to appoint the City Attorney and City Manager in addition to endorsing appointments to City boards and adopting/providing all the necessary rules and regulations.