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4 Tricky Remodeling Tasks EmeraldPro Painting Can Do For You

Tricky Remodeling Tasks

Remodeling your home is rewarding in many different ways. You can give your home an updated look, add features you always wanted, and increase the value of your home. Any motivated homeowner can handle some remodeling tasks, but other tasks are best left to professionals. Here are four tricky remodeling tasks that EmeraldPro Painting can do for you.

Refinishing Cabinets

While some people look forward to replacing all the cabinets and fixtures during a remodel, others want to restore their cabinets to their original luster. EmeraldPro Painting has cabinet refinishing services that are perfect for remodelers on a budget. Refinishing cabinets is far less expensive than replacing them. The money you save on new cabinets can be spent on other remodeling tasks. Refinishing your cabinets can make a kitchen look new without completely remodeling it. It’s also a faster process than replacing cabinets. If you want to make your kitchen look nicer quickly without spending a lot of money, you should consider having your cabinets refinished.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Though they were trendy in the past, popcorn ceilings are often seen as outdated, which is why many homeowners want to change it when they remodel. Removing a popcorn ceiling is not as easy as it sounds. Besides the logistical challenge of safely working on something on that requires a ladder, popcorn ceiling removal may present health concerns. Until the late 1970s, the paint used in popcorn ceilings often contained an asbestos binding agent. This is why the EPA recommends that these popcorn ceiling removal jobs be done quickly. You don't want to risk too much potentially toxic paint dust to get into your lungs. EmeraldPro Painting has trained workers who can quickly and safely remove popcorn ceilings so you can give your home a more modern look.

Wallpaper Removal

Some tasks are harder than they sound, and wallpaper removal fits nicely into that category. If you think removing old wallpaper will be as simple as ripping and tearing it off the wall, you're in for a surprise. Some spots will already be peeling, but that is likely due to there being insufficient glue to begin with in that area, or the adhesive had started to deteriorate. However, in most places, you will find that the glue is still as strong as the day it was placed. Dealing with wallpaper removal can take a lot of time, and without the proper tools and tricks, you can end up with an uneven removal. EmeraldPro Painting can handle wallpaper removal so that the job gets done quickly and correctly.

Epoxy Flooring

Many property owners are considering adding an epoxy coating to their flooring to improve the durability of the material. Epoxy coating has uses for commercial spaces as well as residential ones. Epoxy seals your concrete surface converting it from porous to non-porous prevents stains and damage from liquids. For example, using epoxy on the garage floor will prevent it from being stained and keeps the flooring look better than a standard garage. Epoxy coatings come in different colors so you can use it to designate areas in an industrial space or give your garage floor a color that matches your theme. However you want to use epoxy flooring, EmeraldPro Painting can help.

To learn more about using EmeraldPro Painting for commercial and residential projects, send us a message online or find our local painters near you. We have a wide range of services to help your property look its best, inside and out.