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Epoxy vs. Concrete Flooring: Why Epoxy Comes Out on Top

Epoxy vs. Concrete Flooring: Why Epoxy Comes Out on Top

Regardless of if you are building a new residential or commercial facility, or if you have plans to replace your current garage door, you have options. While concrete flooring is popular due to the low price, you can’t beat the benefits of epoxy. Most homeowners and business owners agree – when selecting a garage floor coating, epoxy just outshines concrete in almost every way.

Not convinced? If that’s the case, keep reading. Here you can learn about the specific benefits offered by choosing epoxy flooring here.

Superior Durability

When selecting a durable material for your garage door, epoxy is the best. This is because it’s created with resin-based, heavy-duty polymers that are fire, heat, and impact resistant. The truth is, epoxy flooring can last for 20 years – or more. Also, compared to concrete, epoxy is much easier to clean, which makes it a very low maintenance option. Epoxy flooring is resistant to bacteria and germs, too, which makes it a smart option for medical facilities.

Environmentally Friendly

Today, most epoxy floorings are made with solvent-free chemicals. Put simple, it means they don’t contain any VOCs – volatile organic compounds that may emit dangerous gasses into the environment. Also, by using epoxy flooring, you can increase the light reflectivity by up to 300 percent, which means you can save money with the epoxy material and you can save money on your lighting costs.

One more note. With the installation of epoxy flooring, less waste is created. Tile and concrete installation will usually generate several loads of scraps that must be thrown out. With epoxy, each section is poured, which minimizes waste.

It’s Safer

While it may seem odd to state that one flooring type is safer tan another, epoxy is truly the safest flooring options available. One reason for this relates to how it is installed. Epoxy is put in place using a continuous pouring process. This makes it totally seamless, which isn’t possible with concrete.

What this means is that there are no grout lines you may trip over. Also, epoxy flooring offers a slight cushioning effect that concrete doesn’t offer. This provides less fatigue and strain in the ankles and feet. Since epoxy offers increased reflectivity because of the high gloss sheen, it improves visibility. You can also get epoxy surfaces with a slip-proof coating. This means the danger of a fall or another accident because of skidding or slipping are minimized.

More Cost Effective

Using epoxy flooring makes sense because it is a more affordable solution. It can be placed over a current concrete floor and it’s extremely durable, so replacement in the near future isn’t an issue. You can find epoxy flooring at several price points too, so when you are choosing the surface for your garage floor, the cost of the epoxy doesn’t have to be a major factor.

As you can see, there’s more than a few benefits offered by choosing epoxy flooring. If you are considering updating the floor in your garage, consider this material, as it offers an array of benefits.