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A Coat of Paint

A Coat of Paint

There's a certain mentality in the painting industry that can end up disappointing many property owners.

When you look at painting in relation to other services like plumbing and electrical work, there’s the idea that painting is just 'putting a coat on a building' with a brush or roller.

In other words, to the analytical DIY mind, it seems like a relatively easy project. With that in mind, many people decide to underinvest in professional painting services.

Whether these frugal individuals are enticed to go it alone or settle for a cheap local shop, the results can be pretty underwhelming. That's because painting, like other kinds of home improvement services, does have a craft to it. It makes a difference how painting gets done – not just cosmetically, but in how the paint job contributes to the life of a building.

People who have hired painters in the past understand the difference between a great painting job and a terrible one, especially if they have gotten less than stellar results!

For starters, improper application can lead to all sorts of cosmetic problems after the job is done. Even more importantly, splashing or dripping can ruin floors or other installations.

Lack of detail work or proper technique can lead to less weather resistant results over the long-term. That can lead to various kinds of water damage or other issues. When you look at the "cascade effect" of a poorly done job, it helps people to see the value of getting painting done right.

All of this is part of why we continue to try to reach out to the community to show people the value of hiring EmeraldPro Painting.

When you get our teams on your property, you get peace of mind that your project is going to be done quickly and according to the deadline, but also with the utmost dedication to quality.

As we say on our website, we believe in giving each client the best – our five-star reviews show how this works, and many of our customers testify about how interior or exterior work went like a breeze.

What Our Client Are Saying About Us

"Overall was outstanding process and even had to work around the rain we've had in Charlotte the past few months," says Elizabeth Hood in Charlotte. "Couldn't be happier with the outcome of the project. Highly recommend!"

"Very satisfied," says Kitty G. in Greenville. "Work was professional and done in a timely fashion."

"If you have any painting needs I highly recommend this company," says Bri A. in Farmington. "They are amazing to work with and do a great job. This will be the only company I ever use for all of my painting needs!!"

Talk to EmeraldPro Painting about your next job. You’ll be glad you did!