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Best Exterior Paint Colors For Your Omaha Home

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Your Omaha Home

You may view a worn-out exterior paint job as nothing more than another expense you’ll have to pony up for, but you need to change your thinking to something more positive. After all, the need for a fresh coat of paint is not just an expense: It’s an opportunity to overhaul the look of your Omaha home! Need some ideas for this overhaul? Then just keep reading, and we’ll give you five of our favorite exterior color ideas:

Yellow for a Bright, Happy Home

Your home is the place where you’re likely to spend the great majority of your downtime, and that means you need to surround yourself with a cheery, happy atmosphere so that you always feel your best. To do that, consider painting your exterior home in shades of bright yellow, which will add a cheerful look to any home.

Blue for Your Home on the Water

As delightful as a yellow exterior painting might be, it won’t be right for every home. For instance, if you live by a body of water, you’d be better off opting for a more appropriate blue paint scheme. This color will pair well with an aquatic setting, making it a stunning and understated color scheme for your lakeside home.

Gray for a Timeless, Neutral Look

Maybe you don’t want your home making such a bold statement. Yes, yellow and blue are great, but they’re certainly not for everyone. Perhaps you’d rather paint your home’s exterior a more neutral color – such as gray. Gray will work with any home’s exterior, providing a subdued and timeless look that will please any eye.

Taupe for Those Rustic Homes

Do you live in the woods or by a heavily wooded area? If you do, then you’ll want your home to be painted in colors that will be complemented by the surrounding woodland. For that purpose, you’ll find everything to love in taupe. This light yet rustic color will make your home look just right as it blends in with the natural surroundings.

Wheat for a Warm, Clean Look

Perhaps you don’t live in a place as bold as a lakeside or a woodland or anything like that. Maybe you live on a regular street in a regular neighborhood, and you want a regular-looking exterior paint color to help your house blend right in. If that’s the case, then you need to look into wheat. The look is warm and clean and perfect for your regular house in your regular neighborhood.

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