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Things To Look For Before Cabinet Refinishing

Things To Look For Before Cabinet Refinishing

So, you’re thinking of getting your cabinets refinished? Great! Not only will your Omaha home’s cabinets look their best, but you can also get them to function their best at the same time. To do that, you simply need to ask your painter to look for a few things during the cabinet refinishing process.

By having your Omaha painters take a few moments to inspect the condition of your cabinets, you’ll be able to know what work you need to put in to keep your cabinets in shape. What should you expect your painters to check for? Well, just to name a few things . . .

The Presence of Mold

In most cases, your cabinets are going to be in rooms that are near moisture: the bathroom, the kitchen, and the laundry room. Frustratingly, this unavoidable exposure to moisture can lead to mold growth on your cabinets -- which can be a pretty serious problem since you store your linens and food in them.

To keep yourself safe, you need to make sure your cabinets are free from mold growth. That’s why you need to ask your painter to check for mold during a refinishing. Your painter will have a good vantage point for thoroughly checkout out your cabinetry for any signs of mold growth.

Rotting Wooden Structures

Another problem that can arise because of your cabinets’ exposure to moisture is wood rot. This problem can render your cabinets unusable over time, as they could become too rotten to hold up anymore. So, wood rot can lead to a dangerous situation in your home.

While you can request that your painters check for signs of wood rot, you shouldn’t have to do so. After all, this problem is bound to be a bit more obvious than others, and it could impede the refinishing process. So, should wood rot be present in your cabinets, you’re pretty guaranteed to find out during the refinishing.

The Condition of Hinges and Other Hardware

To keep your cabinets functioning their best, you need to keep their hardware in quality condition. Unfortunately, your cabinets’ hardware can be damaged by moisture as easily as the cabinets themselves, and this damage can greatly reduce their usability.

So, when you have a painter over to refinish your cabinets, you need to make sure they stop and check out the condition of your cabinets’ hinges and other hardware. If they detect rust or corrosion, you can have those pieces easily replaced.

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