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Be Smart about Your Office's Paint Job to Boost Employee Performance

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Are you about to get a professional office painting to add color to your workspace? If you are, don't be too hasty about it. You need to take the time to be sure you get the color that's going to help you get the best performance from your employees.

"Color can affect my employees' performance?" you might ask, and to that, we give a resounding YES. Your Mesa workplace's color scheme has a significant bearing on how your employees perform, and by being wise with your choice in color, you can help your employees give you the best work for the jobs they do.

Not sure what color scheme is best for your Mesa area workplace? No problem: Just keep on reading! Our quick, informative guide will tell you how three common color schemes can help boost your employees' performance! Ask your office painter for the color that will best serve your business:

Yellow for Creativity

The number of creativity-driven jobs out there is staggering. Marketing, software design, even retail: All of these fields and more require creative thinkers. If you run a creativity-driven business, you'll want to help keep your team's creative juices flowing to ensure that business is a success.

So, in that endeavor, you'll find a yellow paint scheme to be ideal for your Mesa business. Shades of yellow can work up people's emotions, and this emotional sensitivity can go a long way toward making people more creative. If you want your creativity-driven business to thrive, yellow will be a great way to help it do that.

Red for Productivity

Of course, not all businesses rely solely or even largely on creativity. Many businesses run on a much more objective quality: productivity. When sheer output and numbers are what make the difference between a thriving business and a flop, you'll want to focus on bolstering your team's productivity rather than creativity.

To ensure that your productivity-driven business is a successful one, have your office painted in shades of red. Red has a way of exciting people, and this excitement can lead to extra drive, which can lead to better productivity. Does your Mesa business run on sheer employee output? Then choose red when getting an office painting.

Green for Mental Calmness

Work can be frantic. With deadlines, clients, leaders, and subordinates demanding so many resources all at once at all times, employees are apt to feel overwhelmed. This manic mindset can put a damper on the quantity and quality of work that happens at your Mesa business.

Since a frantic workplace can be an unproductive and even unsuccessful one, you need to do what you can to calm your team members. To inspire a sense of calmness in your workplace, have that workplace painted in shades of green. Green can give employees a sense of balance and control, helping them to keep calm in the light of everything being thrown at them.