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Why Use Epoxy Flooring In Your Commercial Garage

Why Use Epoxy Flooring In Your Commercial Garage

In a commercial garage, safety is everything. So, if you run a commercial garage in the Mesa area, you need to take steps to ensure that it is as safe as can be for your employees. In your endeavor to maintain the best possible safety, you can’t go wrong by getting epoxy flooring for your commercial work area.

Epoxy flooring offers many great safety benefits that will keep your Mesa garage’s team members safe through the work day. How does epoxy flooring of all things help to keep the workplace safe? Simple: It does so by offering the following benefits:

Slip Resistance

In any garage (commercial or otherwise), you can expect to work with all manners of liquid substances. Paint, oil, cleaning products: All of these substances and more are likely to be present in your garage. Unfortunately, they are also likely to drip onto your garage floor, creating a slippery surface over time.

Few things are quite as dangerous as a slippery garage floor, as one could easily cause one to fall into dangerous heavy machinery. So, to keep your garage safe, have epoxy flooring installed in it. This flooring option is easy to clean, allowing you to maintain slip resistance within it since you’ll be able to remove slippery buildups.


Your garage flooring will suffer under the weight of all manners of heavy equipment. Everything from tool benches to vehicles will weigh down on it at all times of the day and night, and this constant pressure can results in breakages in your flooring.

In addition to being unsightly, floor breakages can present a trip hazard for your employees. So, you need to minimize the chance that your floor will crack, and to do that, simply get an epoxy flooring. Epoxy is durable and will resist breakages, helping to keep your garage safe.


Your commercial garage is bound to be home to all manners of hazardous objects and materials, and it’s imperative that your employees be able to see these hazards to steer clear of them. This means that you need to maintain excellent visibility in your garage.

A great way to keep your Mesa area garage as visible as can be is to get epoxy flooring. Its reflective design will add extra visibility to your garage, allowing your employees to walk about it in the safest possible manner.

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Now that you know how epoxy flooring can keep your Mesa area workplace safe, are you ready to get this flooring option? If you are, call the area’s dependable painters at EmeraldPro Painting of East Valley. We offer quality epoxy flooring services that will allow you to enjoy these qualities to the fullest.

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