Your home is one of the things in your life that, although you see it every day, doesn’t seem to change that much (barring some catastrophe, of course). You might be surprised when you look at pictures of your home from years gone by and compare it to how it looks now. Paint, especially high quality interior and exterior house paint, takes quite a long time to fade or discolor. If your house is starting to look older than it actually is, it might be time to paint! Below we’ll outline a number of good reasons to have your house painted. If any of those reasons ring a bell, call Emerald Pro Painting today to find out when we can paint your home.


Have Your House Painted Before Trying to Sell It

While you might think it doesn’t make much sense to have your house painted if you’re planning on moving out of it, painting your home before putting it on the market can benefit you in some important ways.

A new coat of paint says to potential buyers that you care about your home. Houses that look like they’ve been taken care of tend to attract buyers who are willing to invest more of their hard-earned money buying a house than someone who just needs a roof. The pride you take in your home’s appearance also helps home-seekers to imagine themselves taking care of the house, too.

Curb appeal is a huge factor in many people’s feeling about a new home. If it looks good and excites them, they will work harder to obtain it. A home with curb appeal means that a buyer can already picture themselves making memories in a home instead of having to work their fingers to the bone to get it into the shape they think it should be. Even the most dedicated DIY-ers would rather make small improvements over time to match their own personal aesthetics than having to start from the ground up.

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Have Your House Painted to Protect It

Because we get almost the full complement of weather that Mother Nature can dish out, the paint on our homes can take a beating. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing (part of paint’s function is to protect what’s under it) it does mean that paint won’t last forever. By painting your house every so often (every three to seven years for wood siding and every five to six years for aluminum siding and stucco) you’re helping to keep the outside of your home safe from the elements, which in turn helps protect the inside of your house from the elements.


Have Your House Painted Because You Want To

Maybe when you first moved in to your house you weren’t able to have it painted. Maybe you had other, more pressing, renovations that were needed, or maybe you were trying to sock every last cent away to send your kid to college. Whatever the reason, now is as good a time as any to have your house painted the way you’ve always pictured it by professional painters. Wanting your home to look the way it should is one of the best reasons there is. As we mentioned before, you see your home every day. Don’t you want it to be a sight that makes your heart flutter instead of sink? While your reason might be mostly aesthetic, having your house painted is an investment in your future.

Call Emerald Pro Painting in today. We would love to help you make your house look the way you’ve always imagined it, and we’d love to help you make more money on the sale of your home.