Maybe you’ve just moved into a new home that has a partially finished basement or your kids are in college and you’ve got some extra space now and you want to do something special with the extra room. A home theater is a great way to create a little sanctuary within your home, a space where you can go to relax and shut out the rest of the world while you enjoy your favorite movies or watch a game with your friends or family. While the painting experts here at EmeraldPro Painting can’t help you pick out the best new TV or sound system, we can offer some thoughts about what colors and styles of paint work best for ensuring that your new home theater is the relaxing, immersive space you want it to be. If you’re ready to have your home theater, or any other part of your home, painted, call us! We would love to show you how great your paint could look!

Let’s Talk Paint Color

It’s obvious that in a home theater you want to avoid bright colors. Bright paint, especially the ubiquitous white, reflects light. While this is great in dark rooms that you want to brighten up or in rooms that can never have enough light, it’s the exact opposite of what you want in a home theater. In a home theater, the only light that should be in the room is the light coming from the television or the projector. Painting the walls and the ceiling a dark color stops the annoying reflection of light and helps your eyes and brain to focus directly on the screen instead of being distracted (even subconsciously) by what else is going on in the room.

In terms of what colors we recommend for a home theater, blacks and dark grays are the standard choices, but not your only options. Some dark blues and very deep browns also work to darken a room, while also being a bit different than the standard home theater colors.

What Finish Works Best For a Home Theater?

We always recommend going with a flat finish for any home theater. A flat finish is necessary because satin and gloss finishes will reflect light, even with the darkest colors. While you might not like the look of flat paint, remember that the goal is to avoid seeing it. Most of the time you spend in your home theater your attention will be focused on the screen and not the walls. But if the idea of having a room that is painted in a single dark color is really unappealing, there are options. A two-toned room can make a home theater look good when the lights are on without sacrificing light-absorbing qualities of the paint. Painting the wall directly behind the television and the wall directly opposite the television the same (slightly) lighter color is one way to give the room a different feel.

Other Home Theater Paint Considerations

One way to make your home theater space look better without having to resort to bright walls or too many framed pictures full of reflective glass is to combine a new paint job with some creative uses of sound-absorbing fabric. Maybe you want a classic red theater curtain behind the television to give the room a pop of color, or you need some wall-mounted acoustic traps that can be finished in a fabric color of your choice. Little touches like that will go a long way to making a home theater pop.

Accent lighting is another great way to make a home theater look more like a normal room when it isn’t being used to watch movies. If you place your media storage in the opposite end of the room from the television adding a couple of lights that call attention to the storage options you’ve chosen can quickly change the focus of the room.

Choosing interesting furniture is another way of adjusting the focus of the room when it isn’t being used for its intended purpose. If you have interesting armchairs upholstered in brighter colors or from non-traditional materials they will quickly be the conversation starter when movies aren’t the focus.

If you’re ready to have your home theater painted, call EmeraldPro Painting! We would love to paint your home theater or any other room in your home. You’ll be happy that you chose us.