While your bathroom might not be the room you spend most of your time in, it can be a sanctuary when you need to relax after a long day of work or after returning home from a long trip. Make sure to take the time to turn it into a space that helps you feel relaxed when you take a bath or when you’re getting ready in the morning. The interior painting specialists at Emerald Pro Painting in Omaha can help you transform your bathroom into a comfortable space that reflects your own aesthetic.

Always Coordinate the Color of Your Paint With Your Decor

The bathroom isn’t usually a heavily decorated room, but almost everyone still has a few pieces of decor. Let your towels, shower curtain, rugs, and toiletries work with your new bathroom paint instead of clashing with it.

Think Beyond White For Your Bathroom

While the classic, go-to color for bathrooms is usually white, yours doesn’t have to fall in line. White may be a great color for many bathrooms, but it doesn’t have to be your only choice. While white rooms tend to look clean, they show dirt fairly quickly and they can appear a bit too sterile and clinical. Your bathroom should be relaxing, it shouldn’t remind you of a school or a hospital. Choosing a white that is very subtly tinted with grey or another color can do a lot to change the feel of your bathroom without veering wildly into territory that might feel too strange for the powder room.


What Are Some Good Color Combinations for the Bathroom?

Pastels are a great place to start when you’re looking for a new bathroom paint color. They’re soft and calming and a little cheerful without being extremely shocking or hard on the eyes. With many different pastel shades of every color available, you’ll definitely be able to find the color that really floats your boat. If you have accents in your bathroom, try a dark but neutral color like a deep earth tone to make the pastel simultaneously pop while also letting it provide a nice bed of color that the darker one can rest within.

If you don’t like pastels, a hearty grey might be your best bet. Strong without being too masculine or sterile, a good grey works with almost any color of decor and is still more calming and relaxed than a bright white. Grey also works well with modern or classic styles of fixtures so you won’t have to worry about it feeling out of place.

In Addition to New Bathroom Paint, Consider The Following:

Proper Lighting

After you find the perfect paint for your bathroom and have the painting professionals at Emerald Pro Painting work their magic, you might feel like the color isn’t quite right or that the vibe isn’t perfect yet. This might be because of your lighting. If your lighting is really blazing it can irritate your eyes and make you feel like you’re being interrogated. While bright lights are great for cleaning, they’re terrible for relaxing. Think about installing some dimmers so you can set the perfect amount of light for each of your activities.


Spend Time in There

Your new bathroom paint might make the room feel strange at first, and that’s normal. Spend a few extra minutes a day in there and see what would make the room feel more comfortable. Maybe you need new bathmats or a new shower curtain. Maybe the hardware on your sink or your towel racks don’t fit anymore. You’ll probably be surprised how quickly you figure out what the odd elements are.

When you’re ready to paint your bathroom, call Emerald Pro Painting. We’re experts at interior and exterior house painting in Omaha and we love to help you make your spaces more comfortable.