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Popcorn Ceiling VS Smooth Ceilings

Popcorn Ceiling VS Smooth Ceilings

Making the right choices for your home is important. If you’re going to invest money and time into getting the project done, you need to be happy with the outcome. You should also be able to feel confident that you’ll feel this way about the completed project, for years to come.

Believe it or not, even your ceilings have to be considered when making decisions about your house. The two main options are either smooth or popcorn ceiling. It means either leaving them as-is or having a professional painting contractor take care of popcorn removal.

As with every other aspect of your home, there are pros and cons to either option you choose. Find out more and be a savvy homeowner and informed consumer.

Does Popcorn Ceiling Deserve the Bad Rap?

In a single word answer, yes. If that’s the case though, why was it ever popular and why does it still get used today?

That’s where we get into some of the pros, because popcorn ceilings aren’t all cons.

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