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Preparing For Interior Painting

Preparing For Interior Painting

So, you’ve assessed your interior walls, and the verdict is that they’re in need of a fresh coat of paint. What now? Simple: You set up an appointment for a professional interior painting. All done now?

Not quite: You still need to take time to prepare your Charlotte home for that painting. Don’t worry, though. The prep is minimal, and the payoff will be a quicker, more focused paint job. To enjoy that quality of work, just follow a few simple steps:

Contain Your Furry Friends

Pets certainly are wonderful, and they do bring much joy to your life. However, that joy won’t translate very well when it comes time to get a fresh painting for your home. In addition to distracting your painters, a furry friend might just mess up the paint job and get fur stuck in it.

To avoid these issues, you simply need to keep your pets contained away from the work area during the paint process. Simply let them outside or, if your pets are indoor-only, put them in another room or a crate. Doing so will allow your painter to get the work done quickly and cleanly.

Clear Out the Rooms That Will Be Painted

Your pets aren’t the only thing that you need to keep out of the work area for your interior painting. You also need to get any furniture removed. After all, furniture can prevent your painter from reaching all the walls. What’s more, your furniture could get spattered with paint, which we’re sure you’d rather avoid.

Luckily, you can avoid that problem while also allowing your painters to work unobstructed. All you have to do is to get your furniture moved out of the way. You can move it to another room, or you can move it to the center of the room. (Though if you choose that second option, you might want to take the time to cover it with a tarp.)

Make Sure You’ll Be Free during the Process

Life is busy, and many of us are oftentimes spread thin when it comes to free time. So, you might find yourself hard-pressed to find the time to meet your painter at home. However, you should make sure to prioritize your painter just as you do any other responsibility.

This means you need to take care that you are absolutely able to meet your painter at your home at the time you agree to. Leave enough wiggle room in your schedule in case your painter might be late or early. Doing so, you will be sure that your painting gets handled in the timeliest manner possible.

All Ready for Our Top-Quality Interior Painting Services?

Okay, so you’ve taken the time to secure your furry friends, and you’ve cleared out both the room and your schedule. Now you’re ready for a visit from the painting professionals at EmeraldPro Painting of North Charlotte. Give us a call today if you’re ready to get a quality interior painting!

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