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4 Interior Painting "No No's" For Charlotte Homeowner's

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As a professional painting company in Charlotte, EmeraldPro Painting of North Charlotte loves to share interior painting tips with our Charlotte customers. We've helped so many customers fix botched painting jobs, that we're very familiar with some of the most common mistakes that people make with interior painting.

Interior painting takes a lot of work to get right. You can't cut corners or just start slapping paint on the walls. If you do, you'll wind up making one of the biggest and most common interior painting mistakes; rushing through the painting.

No Rushing Through The Interior Painting!

Whether you hire a Charlotte interior painter, or you do the work yourself, you don't want to rush through the project. That's definitely a "No No."

If you see your Charlotte painter cutting corners or not taking the time necessary to create a flawless paint finish, you should probably look for someone else. If you're doing the interior painting yourself, plan for enough time to complete the work.

Remember that professionals paint much quicker than you could, so make sure you have enough time on weekends or after work to complete the job. Otherwise, you'll wind up rushing through the project.

No Neglecting The Prep Work!

Painting over dirty interior walls and baseboards is a no-no. While you can't easily wash a wall with flat paint on it, you can vacuum it and use a damp towel to clean it.

Make sure you use about three teaspoons of laundry detergent in a gallon of water to clean grease off the walls in the kitchen if they are painted in a semi-gloss. If see cracked or flaking paint, scrape it off and smooth the surface before starting the interior painting project.

No Forgetting To Use Primer Over Bright Colors!

If you are choosing to use a different interior paint color, don't forget to use a primer over brightly painted walls.

Otherwise, the original paint color will bleed through the new paint. Even if it's only slightly obvious, you won't get the true color you wanted to achieve. Your fresh cream-colored paint could look dingy, or your beautiful blue may turn out purple!

No Painting Over Wallpaper!

One of the biggest interior painting no-no's is to paint right over old wallpaper. Don't be tempted to do it!

Either you or the future owner of your home will eventually be dealing with the peeling wall paint as the wallpaper starts to lift up at the seams. Let us tell you that it's extremely difficult to remove all the layers without destroying the wall surface underneath.

Since the history of our area is so rich and deep, many of the older homes in Charlotte still have old wallpaper on the walls. It's much better to remove the old wallpaper before you start the interior painting project. Remember, the wall will need to be repaired before painting if it's damaged during the process.

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