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3 Affordable Cabinet Refinishing Ideas For Your Charlotte Kitchen

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Beautiful kitchen cabinets cost a pretty penny. Thankfully, innovative cabinet refinishing techniques can offer the perfect compromise for Charlotte homeowners who want an affordable kitchen makeover without the expense of replacing their kitchen cabinets. By using various cabinet refinishing techniques, you can get beautiful kitchen cabinets that look expensive.

Cabinet painting companies in Charlotte like ours at EmeraldPro Painting of North Charlotte can completely transform the look of old cabinets. We use many different kitchen cabinet refinishing techniques to help our Charlotte customers create an affordable custom look. With custom cabinet refinishing, the possibilities are endless!

Custom Color Cabinet Refinishing

Custom color cabinet refinishing gives your Charlotte kitchen a unique style. Different shades of blue, gray, green, and black paint can be applied to your kitchen cabinets. Whether your design tastes lean toward clean modern lines, classic antique, or rustic cottage, custom color cabinet refinishing gives your cabinets a contemporary look.

Think unique and bold when choosing a custom color for your kitchen cabinets. Don't be afraid of color! You can choose light, medium, or dark paint colors for your cabinets, it's all up to you.

Faux-Wood Cabinet Painting

Any surface can be made to look like real wood. Metal cabinets, pressed wood cabinets, particle board cabinets, melamine cabinets, laminate cabinets, and real wood cabinets can be painted to look like mahogany, teak, ash, oak, or expensive exotic wood. Faux-wood cabinet painting is a great idea if you want to give your Charlotte kitchen cabinets an upscale look but don't want to replace them with the real thing.

With a faux-wood cabinet painting technique, a Charlotte cabinet refinishing company like ours can make ordinary old cabinets look like beautiful heirloom-quality furniture.

This work must be carefully done by an experienced professional. The process generally involves applying two coats of a lighter color of paint to the cabinet surface and then letting it dry. A darker color of glaze coat is applied over the top, and then a wood grain rocker tool is rolled onto the surface to create the wood grain pattern.

Cabinet Antiquing

Cabinet antiquing is a cabinet refinishing technique that is similar but different than faux-wood cabinet painting. Instead of just creating a wood grain pattern with paint, the cabinet painter creates an antiqued painted wood look.

The painter uses any number of different colors (usually just two-three) to paint and then glaze the wood cabinets. The cabinet antiquing technique creates a multi-dimensional painted cabinet look that looks aged.

If you are looking for a professional Charlotte cabinet refinishing company, please call us at 704-313-0703 or fill out our online request form.