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Wallpaper Removal Services

Wallpaper removal services

Why bother with wallpaper removal when you could just paint over it? That's the exact type of thinking that gets Boise homeowners in neck deep with a DIY project that they can't easily fix.

First of all, removing wallpaper from your Boise home gives you a clean slate to work with and is always the way to go. Yet, even more importantly, you've got to realize this is just one of those jobs that not only needs to be done, but it also needs to be executed by a house painting professional.

There is a common misconception that wallpaper that's already peeling is going to be easy to remove. However, this isn't usually the case.

It's true that aging wallpaper glue starts to lose its ability to adhere to the wall. That's why it tends to pull away in certain areas or even complete sections.

However, you are likely to find that this same glue can hold on quite stubbornly in the places it hasn't already started to deteriorate.

EmeraldPro Painting of Boise is the interior painting company you can rely on for all your service needs. We take great pride in the work that we do and that is evident in the results we get for every customer, every time.

Wallpaper Removal vs. Painting Over

Even if you're still thinking about trying to paint over that old layer of wallpaper you'd rather not look at any longer, here are a few points to ponder:

The good news is that when you hire a professional Boise painting contractor in the first place to take care of your wallpaper removal, you already have someone lined up to take care of the actual painting to follow.

Understand the Process

If you're like most homeowners, you'll want to know more about what exactly happens during the wallpaper removal process.

It surprises most people to realize just how involved the process really is. There are a lot more steps involved than the average person realizes.

What's worse is sometimes it turns out that there are multiple layers of wallpaper. This is an even more challenging process and we can expertly take care of it, but, again, it's not something that should be handled by anyone other than a true professional.

Making Good Choices About Your Home

When you make the decision to partner with our team here at EmeraldPro Painting of Boise, you get the high-quality workmanship that you deserve. You can also feel confident knowing we offer other superior services such as:

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