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Cabinet refinishing

Are you looking for an alternative for cabinet replacement? Have you considered cabinet refinishing? If so, the place to go for Cabinet refinishing in Boise is EmeraldPro Painting of Boise because they promote green practices, which includes cabinet refinishing. While this may not be your main reason for getting your cabinets refinished by a Boise interior painter, it certainly doesn't hurt that this is an Eco-friendly option.

Cabinet refinishing is a more environmentally responsible alternative to replacing cabinetry that is otherwise in good shape. Change the look of your entire room with kitchen cabinet painting, while also doing what's right for the Eco-system. Plus, save yourself time and money with a less labor-intensive job.

You'll be amazed at how much of a change you'll notice once we're finished refinishing. It's a game-changer and can renovate the look of your kitchen or bathroom as dramatically as if you'd had it remodeled.

What Does The Cabinet Painting Process Involve?

Any savvy homeowner wants to first know what the process will entail before agreeing to it. So, even though we can tell you that the whole kitchen cabinet refinishing is less extensive than cabinet replacement, you're probably still curious what that means.

Here's what our team of skilled experts will be doing inside your home during the cabinet refinishing work.

Of course, because we're genuine professionals, we complete the job with a final cleanup. Our goal is to make the space as clean as if we'd never even been there.

The only evidence left behind will be your impressive looking cabinets. They really will look like entirely new cabinets but without the expense or time of getting new ones installed.

Are you looking for quality cabinet refinishing in Boise? If so, give our team at EmeraldPro Painting of Boise a call to set up an appointment to get your cabinets refinished and looking like new again!

Beyond Just Interior Painting & Cabinet Refinishing

EmeraldPro Painting of Boise is the painting company in Boise that's come to be known as a local leader in house painting, both interior and exterior, including cabinet painting and finishing.

The solid reputation we've built for ourselves is based on a variety of high-quality services that we offer like:

Reap the Benefits of Cabinet Painting

Cabinet refinishing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of home improvement projects, but it should be. If you're still not familiar with the benefits you can expect, consider some of these:

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