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You love your home, but it may be time to start thinking about showing it some of that love. Home improvement is about more than just making repairs or adding a deck. Our residential painting company in Boise can help.

Let EmeraldPro Painting of Boise show you what a difference it makes to have skilled house painters renovate the look of your home, inside and out. Yet, we go above and beyond the norm of what just standard painting contractors offer.

All you have to do is review the list of services we offer and find what works best for you. We're a one-stop shop residential painting company. Having one reliable resource to turn to for all of your painting needs is not just more convenient, it gives you peace of mind. Once you've seen our approach to one type of service, you'll be confident that's the same quality level we'll invest into every other.

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The inside of your household is where your house truly becomes a home. It's the place you hang out, watch movies, swap stories, spend holidays, and make memories.

It's vital that your house feels homey inside and that you and your family love the way it looks and feels. Nothing is quite as inviting as a warm home with just the right paint colors on the wall.

It sounds silly but it's true. Each room may have its own unique look but it's a reflection of that room's purpose.

Over time, fads pass, and people change. You're going to need a Boise painting contractor to help you make changes.

Everything from the kitchen where you make meals together to each individual bedroom, there's got to be a defined look.

In fact, even if you want to keep a more uniform look throughout the house, you still need skilled application. We promise this level of masterful techniques to make the most of your interior painting.

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There's nothing wrong with wanting to make a good first impression and a common way to do this is with the outside of your home. That's one reason that exterior painting is such an important task.

More than anything, it's about how you feel when you see your home from the outside. You should be able to have that sense of pride.

A sense of pride that is only possible if you've taken care of painting the outside of your home. The colors have to be just right, and the application has to be executed in a precise manner.

Let's not forget that aside from beautifying your home, exterior painting protects. It acts as a protective outer shell that safeguards your house against the elements.

Plus, on top of everything else, once you take care of your house painting project, you can feel good knowing you have increased the property value. It's really a wise investment choice that has a bunch of other great benefits.

When it's time to give the outside of you home an update and you need a Boise residential painting company, give us a call!

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We're the house painters in Boise that do more than just paint walls. You may not think you notice your cabinets, but they happen to be a focal point of the kitchen. It kind of makes sense since they take up such a large chunk of real estate in this room.

We can take what's already there and transform it into something that looks completely new. It's literally remodeling for your cabinetry.

As long as your existing cabinets are still in good enough condition, our job is to make them look updated and as good as when they were first installed.

Having your cabinets refinished saves you money. Why remodel your entire kitchen or replace otherwise decent cabinets if you can save money and just refinish them?

It also saves time to go the refinishing route, and it's also better for the environment. Any time you can keep salvageable materials out of the landfill, that's the Eco-friendlier path to take.

There are so many good reasons why you should make the decision to hire us to refinish your existing cabinets, it just makes good sense. But above all else, why live with outdated or unsightly cabinets when we can make them look like new.

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You're probably not going to be shocked to learn that one of the first things homeowners want to take care of when buying an older home, is popcorn removal. Sure, this textured ceiling once was quite popular but just with contractors.

That's because it's a cost-effective way to cover the ceiling and also a big-time saver. Unfortunately, that's where the benefits end.

For homeowners, it's not much more than an unattractive and outdated feature of the home. It makes the house look dated, no matter how modern the rest of the interior design aesthetics are.

Did we mention that it traps dirt? Because it does.

The texture of popcorn ceilings not only causes dirt, dust, and cobwebs to cling to it, but the texture also makes it practically impossible to clean properly. This is a downright nightmare for households where anyone suffers from asthma, allergies or other respiratory-related health concerns.

Oh yeah, and on top of all of that is the fact that homes built prior to 1978 run the risk of containing asbestos in the textured ceiling. Hiring a professional residential painting company for a popcorn removal is the health-conscious choice to make because the health and well-being of your family is too big a risk to take.

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Wallpaper removal is one of those tasks that homeowners think they can do on their own and then end up calling in a professional house painter about a third of the way into the job. It's rarely easy and there's the risk of causing damage to your walls in the process.

When wallpaper starts to peel, homeowners think about removing it themselves, believing it to be an easy task. Unfortunately, once you get past those peeling edges it's usually a completely different story. Not only can it be quite stubbornly stuck on, it can damage the wall if not removed the right way. Let us tell you something, old wallpaper glue can feel like you're trying to remove cement with just how strong it can be.

If the only thing standing between you and the new look you want to create for your walls is old wallpaper, let us handle the job. Whether you want new wallpaper hung or the walls painted, don't do it over the existing wall covering when we can professionally remove it for you.

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If you want to take the concrete flooring in your home to the next level, that's where epoxy flooring comes in. Epoxy flooring seals and protects your floors, completely transforming them.

Who knew concrete could be this pretty? And even if you're going for just a basic clear seal to protect your floors and don't care about how your garage floor looks, it's still a great way to enhance your flooring.

Because of the way it improves the visual appeal many homeowners have started using this for other areas of the home, aside from just utilitarian spaces. Let us show you all the ways you can use epoxy flooring to improve your home and enhance your most important investment.

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If you are looking for a professional residential painting company in Boise, please call us at 208-608-5461 or fill out our online request form.