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Understanding the Various Paint Finishes

Various paint finishes

Even if you aren't the painting professional in your own painting project, you should still know some basics about paint. This will help you make decisions about your own Boise home and about the type of paint that's used and which painting company to pick.

Aside from just picking a color, you have to pick a finish. A lot of the decision making is based upon the room that's being painted, so let's get started comparing the finishes.

What's Right for You?

The finish your painting contractor uses in the bathroom is not likely to be the same as the one used in the living room. So, what's the difference?

Matte - The flattest of paints without any shine or sheen, matte is the most common type of paint used for interior walls. It's ideal to use for walls that may have blemishes because it's the best finish for concealing them. However, the downside is that it is easily scuffed and usually cannot be wiped down to remove marks, so retouching is the way to improve the look.

Satin - A subtle sheen, satin is a good paint finish if you want to be able to wipe off marks or dirt. It's not easily described other than somewhere between matte and gloss. However, for walls with imperfections, this is not as good a choice as matte.

Eggshell - This is also a type of paint with a subtle finish, but it lacks the same smoothness as satin. It's not quite as good as matte at concealing blemishes but is a close second. It's also one of the finishes that often takes only a single coat to get the job done.

Semi-gloss - Another common interior paint, semi-gloss is often used for trim as opposed to the whole wall. It's one of two paints that's best suited for heavy use, or wear and tear, and can not only be wiped down, but it can also be washed off with soap and water.

Gloss - With the highest amount of shine, gloss paint is the opposite end of the spectrum to matte paint. However, it is the other most commonly used interior paint. It's fairly easy to clean but due to the high shine, is often used only on trim work. Keep in mind, gloss paint is not the finish to choose for walls with imperfections because it ends up highlighting them and not hiding them.

When you've chosen the perfect color for your walls, we can refinish your cabinets to match by performing cabinet refinishing.

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