1. What Are the Best Colors to Paint Your Home Theater?

    Maybe you’ve just moved into a new home that has a partially finished basement or your kids are in college and you’ve got some extra space now and you want to do something special with the extra room. A home theater is a great way to create a little sanctuary within your home, a space where you can go to relax and shut out the rest of the world while you enjoy your favorite movies or watch a g…Read More

  2. What Are the Best Colors to Paint a Bathroom?

    While your bathroom might not be the room you spend most of your time in, it can be a sanctuary when you need to relax after a long day of work or after returning home from a long trip. Make sure to take the time to turn it into a space that helps you feel relaxed when you take a bath or when you’re getting ready in the morning. The interior painting specialists at Emerald Pro Painting in Omaha …Read More

  3. Who Needs Their House Painted?

    Your home is one of the things in your life that, although you see it every day, doesn’t seem to change that much (barring some catastrophe, of course). You might be surprised when you look at pictures of your home from years gone by and compare it to how it looks now. Paint, especially high quality interior and exterior house paint, takes quite a long time to fade or discolor. If your house is …Read More

  4. Ten Reasons To Have Your House Painted: Part Two

    In the first part of our list of ten great reasons to have your house painted, we covered everything from health reasons to painting your place to increase the price of your home if you sell it. In this entry we will cover another five reasons that you should call Emerald Pro Painters today! Painting your house will make your home look more modern. Whether you’re living in a brand new, cutting-e…Read More

  5. Ten Reasons to Have Your House Painted: Part One

    If you’re thinking about moving or you’re just not happy with the way that your home looks anymore, it might be time to repaint. While it sounds like a lot of work and money, it’s worth it. Contact us at Emerald Pro Painting in Omaha to find out why we’re the best house painting company around and how our interior and exterior painting services can benefit you. 10. It can help keep your ho…Read More

  6. Integrity In Painting

    As sad as it seems, the time when it was perfectly acceptable to let strangers into our homes is long gone. The unlocked door has become a casualty of the world we live in. Not that pessimism needs to be the rule of law. It is refreshing, however, to see an instance when someone helps out a stranger and good comes out of it. Those feel good stories sell movie tickets but the news never seems to gr…Read More

  7. Curb Appeal

    In life, they say, the only thing constant is change. The problem is, change can happen when we least expect it and as a homeowner you may understand that better than most. The challenges of home ownership are many but when you outgrow your home it is even worse. Most of the time when you realize your home will not fit your needs, nature is on your side and gives you (give or take) nine months to …Read More

  8. Fall Is The Time For Exterior Painting

    It is that time of year again. Yes, fortunately it is fall and the leaves are starting to change. The weather is getting cooler and the cold of winter is knocking at the door. Fall is not known as the time of rebirth, but winter can be a sensitive time for your home. Moisture is a killer as is the dryness that comes with winter. This may seem like a contradiction but I assure you it is a recipe fo…Read More

  9. Welcome to EmeraldPro Painting Omaha!

    The painting game is fierce in Omaha and the company that consistently rises to the top is EmeraldPro painting. The choice is clear when you need a painter that is also sensitive to the needs of our clients. Please give us the option to serve you. You may be thinking that that is a pretty bold statement, and you would be right, but we know how important it is to get the job done right. We know tha…Read More